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The Boss of Burlesque is Back! Foxy Tann Returns!

"Stop fucking around and get Foxy back" is what my father (who doesn't normally curse) said to me. Earlier in the conversation he asked who's the headlining emcee for the 2022 Vermont Burlesque Festival and my reply was "I haven't decided yet."

"She's great," he said. "I just love how she directs the audience and takes charge." Quoting Foxy he went on to say, "Now I'm gonna fucking come back out here, and you're all are gonna fucking applaud!"

Foxy isn't just called "The Boss of Burlesque" cause it sounds cool - From the moment she takes the stage, she's in full control of how things are going to proceed. That's what we all love about her. She's the boss!

...And personally, I love how she cracks her self up with bend over, knee slapping laughter after she surprises even herself with what ever infectious comment that comes out of her mouth. My father was right, Foxy is a great way for the VTBF to relaunch and celebrate the return of an in person festival.

Foxy Tann will return to the Vermont Burlesque Festival as a guest during the Opening Night Sneak Peaks & Competition on Jan 20th. She will be the VTBF headlining emcee for The Granite City Showcase on Jan 21st as well as Le tres Grand Spectacle on January 22nd. Foxy will also be teaching at least one class (maybe two) during the day of Jan 22nd. Expect to hear a few F-bombs.

Welcome back Foxy!

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