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FREE EVENT! Sat Jan 20th 8:45am, Keynote with Lillian Bustle

Join us for VTBF's first keynote speaking event - Saturday, Jan 20th, 8:45am (Doors at 8:30am) in the Adirondack Ballroom at the Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain - 60 Battery Street, Burlington, VT 05401 --- Just walk on in!!!


Your body, your burlesque: make 2024 your year of self-discovery and self-nurturing through performance art! Lillian’s keynote will spark your own unique brand of creative genius, shine a light on the value of diversity on our stages, and offer inspiration.  


Burlesque is about connection and communication, so why is the emphasis so often on rhinestones and hourglass silhouettes? Lillian offers tips on refreshing and expanding your perspectives on beauty standards, aesthetic expectations, visual diet, and nurturing your art.


Wherever you are in your Burlesque career, whatever your level of ability, however you look, If you are bringing kindness to the community and intention and generosity to the stage, you belong here. You’ll take home actionable steps for attaining your goals, whether it’s your wildest dreams, or simply setting aside time to rehearse! Get ready to unlock your practice, connect with your body, and joyfully elevate your art.


Lillian Bustle is a Burlesque performer, singer, MC, and public speaker/gleeful loudmouth about body positivity! Her recent TEDx talk, Stripping Away Negative Body Image, sheds light on the positive effect of burlesque and visual diet on self-image, and has been shared by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  She currently produces and hosts Jersey City's premiere monthly Burlesque show, LiberTease, and the bimonthly Bingo Bongo Show, featuring performers who are as diverse as they are talented. Lillian believes that drag and burlesque are for every body, and strives to create a welcoming environment for people of all orientations and genders.  [source]

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