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We, the producers of the VTBF, believe based on the science, if we have the resources along with the cooperation of everyone involved, there is a safe way to gather and celebrate during these turbulent times.  These policies have been updated based on or beliefs in science and the scientific community, advisement of the CDC, and in combination of what our venues are asking of us and what we feel are appropriate practices with regards to the rising surges of COVID-19 cases, current community hospitals capacities, and/or improvements in our overall community's health.  We deeply care about the safety of those we work with, entertain for, and the families and communities they will ultimately return to.  As the situation changes, our policies may also change.  If that happens we will do our best to provide adequate time for our staff and guests to adjust.  If we are unable to provide adequate time for our staff and guests to adjust, we may choose to post-pone the VTBF allowing for adequate time for adjustment. We may also choose or be forced to cancel the event in the case of a serious situation. If a venue has a more "strict" policy than our own, then that venue's policy will apply. Our goal is to provide safe, successful, and high quality entertainment.  If you are able and willing to accept and abide by these policies and practices to help ensure we achieve our goals, we welcome and invite you to celebrate with us.  

Let's continue to be kind to one another and work together to keep in person entertainment alive while staying healthy and eventually beating this shitty virus!


-VTBF Producers

VTBF Performers, Staff, & Volunteers --

We ask that all performers, staff, & volunteers, do their best to limit themselves to as little public exposure as possible and/or to practice the best COVID-19 hygine protocols - up to one week before arriving at VTBF.  

Performers can expect to be updated on latest policies upon on-site check-in.



  For your convenience venue policies and links to said policies will be posted on each event page as well as at the bottom of this page.

COVID-19 Policies & Practices

Updated October 2, 2022

Covid-19 and Covid-19 policies are ever changing; sometimes they get more strict, sometimes they get more relaxed, and every venue/community is different.  VTBF follows the guidelines of the CDC, State of Vermont, Federal Government, and the rules of our venues and the municipalities in which we hold our events in.  If you want to participate in person with The Vermont Burlesque Festival in any way, please prepare for "any kind of weather."  ...Meaning, show up prepared for strict Covid-19 practices and if those practices are relaxed, you will have been at least prepared.  For up to date polices and practices, please refer to each venue's individual policies below.

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