COVID-19 Policies & Practices

VTBF Performers, Staff, & Volunteers --

All performers, staff, & volunteers are required to be vaccinated.  Masks are required at all indoor venues and events unless you are on stage performing. 

VTBF Ticket Holders & Guests --

The general rule for attending the Vermont Burlesque Festival is... you must have proof of being vaccinated OR proof that you've had a negative Covid-19 test professionally done withing the previous 72hrs prior to entering a festival event.  Venue or festival staff will be checking IDs, vaccination cards, and test results at the door to all events.  Please keep 6' socially distant when ever possible.  Wash and sanitize your hands often.

When enjoying food or drink at any of our venues, please treat the venue as if you're on an airplane... remove your mask to sip your beverage or eat your food, then replace your mask upon completion of your sip or chew.

If you are feeling ill in any way please refrain from participating in any festival activities, seek medical attention.

Please notice, if a venue has a more "strict" policy than our own, then that venue's policy will apply.  For your convenience venue policies and links to said policies will be posted on each event page as well as at the bottom of this page.

Let's work together to stay healthy together and eventually beat this virus!


-VTBF Producers