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Presented in part by

at the Barre Opera House

6 North Main Street, Barre, Vermont 05641


The Granite City Showcase has become one of the most attended shows of the Vermont Burlesque Festival.  From doors to curtain call, this 4 hour event features, adult beverage tastings, live music, comedy, variety acts and burlesque headliners you won't want to miss. 

Friday Night is FLANNEL NIGHT!   Barre is a flannel kinda town ...and so we want to challenge you to wear your best! Bring that flannel scarf! Put on that flannel skirt! Wear that flannel jacket! Who's got the flannel bow tie!?!  The staff of the Vermont Burlesque Festival will be giving out prizes for best flannel outfits worn to the Granite City Showcase.  Just show up, pose on the red (flannel) carpet and have your photo taken for a chance to win a variety of great prizes.


The festival isn’t just about burlesque and the celebration of body positivity, it also raises awareness and money for several local charities including… Breast Cancer Research studied right here in Vermont, the Health & Wellness Program at the Pride Center of Vermont,  the WARMTH Heating Fuel Assistance Program, and of course by contributing to the Vermont Arts Council in an effort to keep the arts alive in Vermont!


Tickets for this event are on a scaled tier schedule and raise in value as the event approaches.  The earlier you buy the more you save.


This event is intended for mature audiences, may include vulgar language and adult themes, and is restricted to ages 18+.  Specialty alcoholic educational tastings with Hendrick's Gin will also be offered to those ticket holders who are 21+.  A limited cash bar will be available during the pre-show and throughout the showcase until about 15 minutes after intermission.  

CODES of CONDUCT for this event can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  Please familiarize yourself.





Performance Line Up May Be Subject to Change Without Notice

BOH Codes of Conduct


Granite City Showcase @ Barre Opera House

Security will be present.

Security has been hired to assist with enforcement of VTBF rules of conduct and to ensure the safety and comfort of its guests.




Once you’re in, you’re in. No re-entry. 

To serve alcohol at this event, we needed to apply for a special liquor license. This rule helps to eliminates liability on our liquor license and the operations of our caterers. It also helps us to regulate and enforce DLC (VT Department of Liquor Control) laws/rules of alcohol consumption while our permit for the event is in use. 




Smoking Section 

There will be a designated smoking space outside of the BOH. It will be under security surveillance. Other than entering back into the BOH, If you leave the smoking section, it will be considered as leaving the venue and you will not be allowed re-entry. 




Consumption of outside alcoholic beverages and/or drugs is prohibited.

This is to protect the liability of our liquor license and to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests. You if you are observed or suspected of consuming any outside alcohol or drugs you will be asked to leave the BOH. This also applies to the “smoking area.” 


Upon entering the Barre Opera House you may be denied entrance if you appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of any mild altering drugs.  Please arrive with sobriety in mind.




No beverages allowed in the theater unless in a VTBF spillproof cup 

Too many spills & too much garbage left in the theater during a previous year results with this rule. To ensure drinks would be allowed in the theater for this and future events, a practice found in hundreds of theaters around the USA has been implemented — Spill proof souvenir sippy cups.


You may bring your cocktail or beer into the theater as long as its inside of a VTBF branded sippy cup specifically designed for use at this event. No outside sippy cups will be allowed to be used in the theater as we can not vouch for their “spill proof design.” VTBF sippy cups have been approved by the Opera House and VTBF producers.


Sippy cups will be sold at the bar for $10 each. You do not need to buy a sippy cup every time you buy a cocktail — Once purchased, sippy cups can be reused throughout the event. Just bring it back to the bar. You may also re-use your cup for each additional year of the VTBF. Just bring it back! As long as the cup is in good functioning order, you may use it again in the theater.  Cocktails and beverages are a separate cost.



Video & Cameras

For the most part, video and photography is prohibited of the show. There may be specific times of the performance where you are welcomed to take out your device to snap a photo or take a video. Those moments will be identified by the emcee or host.


This is very important and applies to everyone involved with the Vermont Burlesque Festival - Ask for consent.  Any individual exhibiting any behavior that continues to be unwanted or unwelcome will be escorted out of the festival area.  Be kind to one another ask for permission before engaging in any activity that might be considered as unacceptable behavior or harassment. 


VTBF Cameras, Video, & Live Stream Consent

There will be VTBF staff photographers and videographers on site. Although (most of the time) the audience is not the focus of our visual teams, the audience is definitely part of the show. 


By entering and by your presence during this event, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your entry constitutes your consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media throughout the universe in perpetuity, of your appearance, voice and name for any purpose whatsoever in connection with the production presently entitled: Vermont Burlesque Festival - Granite City Showcase. You understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on this consent given by you by entering this area. If you do not agree to the foregoing, please do not enter this event or area of the event.

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