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Cha Cha Velour, Inaugural VTBF Headliner, Returns to Vermont!

Not since the inaugural Vermont Burlesque Festival in 2014 has Cha Cha Velour performed in the green mountain state. When asked how she feels about returning, her response was...

“I’m sooooo excited to be coming back to Vermont!!! I was there almost a decade ago and feel honored to be invited back. The festival team put on a great event in 2014 and I know the 2023 event is going to be stellar."

Cha Cha went on to talk about how she is bringing her long time best friend from her childhood with her on this next visit to Vermont. "She’s never been to a big burlesque event, I think the Vermont Burlesque Festival will be a great 1st exposure to burlesque for her. "

Cha Cha wrote a review of the VTBF after her first visit that was published in 21st Century Burlesque. That article can be found here.

Cha Cha Velour has been stripteasing since 2006. Originally from Las Vegas, she now resides Arizona. In Vegas she was a burlesque mogul credited with growing the popularity of burlesque through her burlesque studio and popular local shows. Cha Cha has performed all over the US and Canada, taught at BurlyCon, worked closely with the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and made the 'Top 50 in Burlesque' list in 2011.

"We are delighted to have Cha Cha back in Vermont. Not only is it a treat to have a headliner return from the inaugural year but to have someone I've looked up to in the burlesque world come and perform again. Cha Cha's return to Vermont is special to me. ...So excited to have her back on stage again." -Luke Warm

"See you soon Vermont! I’ll be packing my vintage faux leopard coat to stay extra warm. 💜”

-Cha Cha Velour

Festival goers will be able to see Cha Cha perform January 21st during Le Tres Grand Spectacle. Ticket available here.

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