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VTBF2023 Sponsorship, Vending, & Teaching Opportunities

Some exciting changes with the Vermont Burlesque Festival's Ten Year Celebration...

• A 5th Day has been Added to the Schedule - Sunday January 22nd is slated to be a day of classes, relaxes, and socialization. If you're interested in teach a class, any class at all (dancing, yoga, crafting, sewing, round table discussion, marketing, acting, business, etc etc) Please Submit Your Class Here

Vending Space has Tripled now that the VTBF has returned to The Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain Hotel. Saturday's showcases, tastings, and vending will all take place throughout the hotel campus. More than 600 attendees are expected to roll through the vending area prior to each showcase. If you're interested buying a vending table/space rates start at $50/table. Learn About Vending Here

• New Record - VTBF Sponsors Receive Big ROI & Brand Exposure - In 2022, The Vermont Burlesque Festival's on-line advertising and brand awareness reached a new high of 770,626 impressions.

Did you know 78% of the VTBF audience identifies as female. 56% of our female audience falls between the ages of 25-44.

If this is the demographic you're trying to reach?

VTBF can help get your brand or product exposed! Learn More About Sponsoring Here.

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