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Vermont Burlesque Festival 2023 Performer Line-Up Revealed

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Not only did seven historic headliners and featured performers take up the producers on their invitation to return to the ten year celebration, but more than 124 acts were submitted to the Vermont Burlesque Festival to be considered as guest performers - numbers not seen since before 2020. The VTBF production staff has worked hard and attempted to include as many of those acts and performers as possible in the 2023 event.

The VTBF production staff is excited to reveal the following performers and performance line up for the VTBF2023 Ten Year Anniversary Festival. (Photos of each performer and group can be found on each event page of the VTBF website - or just click on the show to reveal).

Listed in no particular order...

Emcee - Beaux & Prudie Peepers - Burlington, Vermont

Daisy Delicacy - Astoria, New York

Delta Rae Dixon - Moab, Utah

Luna Lee - Portland, Maine

Prudence - Montreal, Quebec

Ruby Mirage - Ottawa, Ontario

The Divine Darlings - Ottawa, Ontario

Layna D'Luna - Austin, Texas

Jasper Kinetic - Burlington, Vermont

Sonya Lex - Ottawa, Ontario

Kitty Kin Evil - Ottawa, Ontario

Emcee - Blanche Debris - Las Vegas, Nevada

Emcee - Foxy Tann - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pinay Grigio - Seattle, Washington

Whorchata - Belingham, Washington

Lucy B Luscious - Saint Paul, Minnesota

Scarlet Starlet - Richmond, Virginia

Ginge O'Lolly - Burlington, Vermont

Moxie Blue - Seattle, Washington

Lady Roberta Kent - Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Heaven Genderfck - Montreal, Quebec

Rougettes - Ottawa, Ontario

Juju C Cummings - Las Vegas, Nevada

Miss Spent Youth - Los Angeles, California

Marlene DeMure - Oakland, California

Cici Bonne Chance - Denver, Colorado

Dickie Smalls - New York City, New York

Green Mountain Cabaret - Burlington, Vermont

Emcee - Justin - Berkshires, Massachusetts

Rha-Bea - Springfield, Illinois

April Brucker - Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Velvet - San Francisco, California

Diamond Deville - Portland, Maine

Opal Raven - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Storym Divine - Ottawa, Ontario

Rosebud Red - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Genna Rosity - Hudson, New Hampshire

Luna Phaze - Portland, Oregon

Arabella de Lioncourt - Boise, Idaho

Luna Lee - Portland, Maine

Emcee - Foxy Tann, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emcee - Blanche Debris - Las Vegas, Nevada

Lady Fingers - Albany, New York

Mistress Manifest - Easthampton, Massachusetts

Jazzy Belle - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Belle Folle - Madison, Wisconsin

Doctor Vu - Burlington, Vermont

Gypsy Layne - Berkshires, Massachusetts

Green Mountain Cabaret - Burlington, Vermont

Carmel Knowledge - Los Angeles, California

Gogo Gadget - Astoria Queens, New York

Ruby Sparkles - Rochester, New York

Cha Cha Velour - Bisbee, Arizona

Ellie Quinn - Richmond, Virginia

Merde - Burlington, Vermont

Kitty Kin Evil - Ottawa, Ontario

Scarlett James - Montreal, Quebec

VTBF Glitter Family Performers

Little Mx Bunny - Rochester, New York

Viva van Diva - Ottawa, Ontario

Lola LaColombe - Gainsville, Florida

Miss Violet DeVille - Seattle, Washington

Lili Pop - Ottawa, Ontario

Miss Manhattan - Bettendorf, Iowa

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