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VTBF2022 Tickets On Sale Now!!!

November / Lowest Ticket Prices in Effect Until Dec 1st - Buy Early & Save

As of November 5th, 2021, the Vermont Burlesque Festival showcase tickets are available. With regards to the VTBF, November is annually known as "the early bird pricing" month. It is the one month where you can purchase tickets early and at the lowest prices they will be leading up to the festival.

Tickets are on a sliding scale basis, once they go on sale in November they will start to increase in price starting on December 1st, again on January 1st, and one last time on the day of each showcase. In many cases, ticket buyers can see a 50% savings in ticket prices when compared to the "day of" ticket prices. The lesson here is... buy early and save! If you're ready to BUY NOW then just CLICK HERE for DETAILS & TICKETS.

VTBF2022 holds 5 showcases...

Opening Night Sneak Peaks & Competition will take place at the Double E Performance Center in Essex Junction on Jan 2oth. This showcase celebrates the beginning of the Vermont Burlesque Festival and challenges performers to get creative with a New England themed competition. Each performer participating in the competition must create and/or showcase a act that has something to do with New England. The winner of the competition will be invited to encore their act Saturday night on the main stage during Le Tres Grand Spectacle. In true burlesque fashion, attendees will also be able to get a sneak at some pastie covered peaks during this showcase. Ticket prices for this event include an educational tasting with Hendrick's Gin.

The Granite City Showcase, notoriously the most rowdy and engaged showcase of the festival, begins with doors opening at 7pm at the Barre City Opera House in Barre, VT. The Opera House has been newly renovated and attendees will be able to enjoy the first glimpse of the festival's headliners (Foxy Tann & Medianoche) while sitting some brand spanking new seats, gazing at freshly painted walls, and walking on posh new carpets. Ticket prices for this event include an educational tasting with Hendrick's Gin.

Saturday is the busiest day of the Vermont Burlesque Festival, hosting classes during the daylight hours, 2 early evening showcases, and Le Tres Grand Spectacle.

The Nerdy Show - a complete wacko experience in the the world of pop-culture burlesque with acts that might feature comic book characters, muppets, movie villains, and more. Doors open at 4pm at Club Metronome.

The Classic Show - will take you back to a time period when burlesque was about long gowns, feather fans, sultry music, and posh cocktails. Classic burlesque is the theme at the 4pm show at Nectar's. This showcase is also expected to hold a little taste of neo-burlesque and comedy.

Le Tres Grand Spectacle - This is the most anticipated showcase of the Vermont Burlesque Festival; the night to dress to impress (black tie, elegant, grand!); the event where all things burlesque come together in one grand extravaganza. Held in one of Vermont’s most prestigious theaters, the evening will begins at 7pm with unique vending, beverage tastings, and live music The Compaq Big Band, a 21 piece BIG band orchestra. The at 8pm its best to be in your seats so you may witness the opening act of the night. The showcase will continue through until about 11am with comedy, variety acts, charitable causes, and of course a collection of the best burlesque performances Vermont will witness all year long. More than 3 hours of live performance art guaranteed to flirt with every human emotion Mother Nature blessed you with.

The theme for Saturday is "grand", black tie, elegant & decorated, but is not required. Best dressed prizes will be awarded to those attendees who grace the festival’s red carpet, pose for the paparazzi, and who best exemplify the beauty, grace, elegance, sparkling, class that is The Vermont Burlesque Festival. Ticket prices for this event include an educational tasting with Hendrick's Gin.

One last change to say goodbye and close the festival out is found at one of the after parties. Starting at about 11:30pm, these events will close down the town. After parties are typically held at participating area night clubs and speak easies. Their locations are usually revealed by January 1st and always announced by the emcees during each showcase.

For all the details and tickets, the Vermont Burlesque Festival website hold all the answers and is always being updated with new information. Visit it frequently... Visit it often at...

Above Photo: Medianoche, VTBF2022 Headliner

Below Photo Includes

VTBF2022 guest performers: Mr & Mrs Fucksmart, Miss Dolly Amaretti, Marlene DeMure, Dickie Smalls, Sweet N'Lo, Thr Rougettes, Green Mountain Cabaret, Ruby Mirrage and Miss Bourbon, Merde, Miss Luna Phaze, and GoGo Gadget.


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