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Scarlett James, Acclaimed International Dancer, to Join VTBF2023 10 Year Celebration

It was 2014, the inaugural year of the Vermont Burlesque Festival, when Vermonters learned of Scarlett James (Montreal, Quebec) as she headlined VTBF2014 (and again in 2015).

Scarlett has become known for her lavish events (Scarlett Grand Revue & The Montreal Burlesque Festival) while also holding a pioneering event in history by being the first person to perform authentic burlesque in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates) at the legendary Buddha Bar. She has also performed in Shanghai, Berlin, Brazil, Japan and in her words "every great city in between." She must, of course, be talking about Burlington, Barre, Rutland, and Barton, Vermont - all cities where she has performed at a Vermont Burlesque Festival event.

Scarlett is scheduled to perform again at the Vermont Burlesque Festival during the 10 year anniversary celebration on January 21st at Le Tres Grand Spectacle Late Night Reveal. She is also scheduled to teach a class or two on Sunday January 22nd at The Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain. Oh, the things we could learn!

Learn more about Scarlett on her website


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