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Vermont Burlesque Festival Tassel Taxi

The VTBF Tassel Taxi is a free shuttle service (subsidized by VTBF application fees) and is intended for use by VTBF performers, volunteers, and staff. 

In many cases, because seating can be limited, intended users of The Tassel Taxi must reserve a seat in advance.  Not all trips require a reservation.  Trips that does require a reservation are marked with a (RRQ). Review the trip schedule charts below to better understand what trips require a reservation and what trips don't.

Tassel Taxi Schedule is posted below.

Links to reserve a seat on the taxi are also below.

When reserving a seat, remember to consider departure/arrival times so as you don't miss your scheduled tech time or show time.  Remember to book both a Departure Trip and a Return Trip.

The Tassel Taxi will not make any special trips or stops outside of its posted schedule.

Tassel Taxi Schedule May Be Subject to Change or Delay

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