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To: The ticket holders and guests of The 2022 Vermont Burlesque Festival The Vermont Burlesque Festival strives to provide an extraordinary experience while also offering a safe and fun environment for all our performers, staff, volunteers, and guests. As festival organizers we have done our best to adjust and fight against the current rising wave of covid and the obstacles it has thrown at us. The constant changes in venue policies, protocols, closings, cancellations, staff shortages, and restrictions have now overwhelmed our abilities. We have reached a point as organizers where we are no longer able to produce an event on the dates we have chosen that will meet the expectations of our ticket holders, deliver the standards expected of us, and meet the safety requirements we feel are adequate to protect our community at large. In short, we are unable to move forward with VTBF2022 this January 19th-22nd. We believe this is the best and safest decision for our community and event. There is some good news here… With the understanding and cooperation from our hotel, our multiple venues, sponsors, and headliners… "the show" will go on!

We are working diligently to secure venues and to announce a new schedule for this spring 2022 - Mid to late April 2022 most likely. We hope to have an update and announcement about exact dates and venues in the very near coming days. That information will be made available on our website, on our social media channels, in our blog, and sent out through our email lists. Be on the lookout for more announcements to come. We understand this situation might not be ideal for some of you. We are working with the hotel, box offices, and venues to accommodate those who will not be able to participate during the new dates of the festival. In the meantime, a few processes to know about and to keep in mind... If you are a ticket holder at an event where the venue or box office isn’t changing or isn’t expected to change at this time (Double E - Sneak Peaks & Competition, Barre Opera House - Granite City Showcase, Nectar’s - The Classic Show, Club Metronome - The Nerdy Show, Orlando’s Bar & Lounge - The Mixer) your ticket will automatically transfer to the new date and is still good. You need not do anything. We’re saving your seat and your ticket will be honored. If you are a ticket holder to Le Tres Grand Spectacle at The Flynn. This venue is changing. The Flynn will NOT automatically refund your VTBF ticket. You will need to contact the Flynn Box Office and ask for a refund. You may also apply your VTBF ticket value to any other performance at the Flynn. Please contact the Flynn Box Office directly at or call 802-863-5966. VTBF will have an update in the very near coming days as to where this event will be held and will provide new box office information on its website.

If you are a ticket holder to a VTBF class, your ticket will be automatically refunded in the coming days. If you have booked a room with our hotel and you would like to still enjoy a lovely winter getaway in a wonderful downtown hotel, The Hilton Garden Inn will honor your reservation and the special rate that was offered - you need not do anything. If you have booked a room with our hotel, The Hilton Garden Inn, and you would like to cancel your reservation, you will need to contact the hotel and cancel your room no less than 48 hours before your scheduled day of arrival. Their phone number is… 802-951-0099 An opportunity to rebook with the hotel will become available in the coming days once we secure and announce our new festival dates. For those of you that will be able to participate… we really appreciate your understanding and willingness to join us this spring. We’re excited to see you. We may no longer have the “Burrr" of January, but we will spring ahead! Stay connected and up to date with announcements at and through our social media channels. Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful. Cory Royer, Executive Producer, Vermont Burlesque Festival Kyla Waldron, Associate Producer, Vermont Burlesque Festival Karen Dorey, Performer, Staff, and Vendor Liaison, Vermont Burlesque Festival

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