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Prevention is Key

Scheduling a yearly mammogram (and breast ultrasound if needed) is key in helping detect if you have breast cancer, and catching it early. Our bodies change all the time, so also regularly doing self-breast exams so you are familiar with your body and recognize if there are any changes in any given month is so important.

The University of Vermont Cancer Center has a detailed description below as to how to do a thorough self-breast exam.

To search where to get a free mammogram by state, check out the link below.

Vermont has a program called You First, that helps anyone with breasts or a cervix who are 21 or older, meet their income guidelines, and live in Vermont. They cover the cost of screenings and diagnostic follow up appointments. You can find out more details and join the You First program at the link below.

(As VTBF continues its mission to increase breast cancer awareness and continues the search for up to date resources regarding these subjects, please keep in mind, this and any other future blog posts by VTBF regarding any medical information should only be used as a potential guide. Always consult a physician if you suspect you have a medical condition and or need medical attention).

(photo credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine)

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