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Are You at High Risk for Breast Cancer?

Do you know if you’re at high risk for breast cancer? There are many factors that go into determining your risk, but even if you have a risk factor, it does not mean you will get breast cancer. And some people will get breast cancer even if they have no risk factors. The link below has a list of risk factors from the University of Vermont Cancer Center.

There are breast cancer risk factors that you cannot change, and some that you can. Some of the factors that you cannot change, according to the CDC, are getting older, having dense breasts (half of women over 40 have dense breasts, a statistic from the University of Vermont Cancer Center), and family history of ovarian or breast cancer, just to name a few. See the full list from the CDC in the link below.

Risk Factors you CAN change are:

1. Not being physically active. According to the University of Vermont Cancer Center, physically active women have a 12-21% lower risk of breast cancer than those who are least physically active.

2. Drinking. Studies have shown that breast cancer risk increases with the amount of alcohol consumed.

3. Taking hormones. Some birth control pills have been linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.

Find the full list for breast cancer risk factors you can and cannot change on the CDC’s website below.

(As VTBF continues its mission to increase breast cancer awareness and continues the search for up to date resources regarding these subjects, please keep in mind, this and any other future blog posts by VTBF regarding any medical information should only be used as a potential guide. Always consult a physician if you suspect you have a medical condition and or need medical attention).

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