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24th Annual Women's Health & Cancer Conference - FREE EVENT

As many of you know, since our inception, the Vermont Burlesque Festival raises awareness, create fundraisers, and donates a portion of festival ticket sales to the Breast Cancer Research Center at University of Vermont each year. Many of you have helped in this effort, by playing bra pong, bidding on our one of a kind burlesque themed VT Teddy Bears, or by taking part in a silent auction. Together we're helping to fight breast cancer and find a cure! This year we are planning to do even more as we're working closer with The University of Vermont Cancer Center.

October is breast cancer awareness month, so we will be posting throughout the month on social media, as well as on a dedicated page of our website. There will be information for those who want to know what signs to look for, for early detection and prevention, as well as for those recently diagnosed. The posts will include links to multiple resources, and helpful information about support groups, financial help, where to get a free mammogram, who’s at highest risk, and how to do a self-exam, just to name a few.

To kick of breast cancer month, the University of Vermont Cancer Center is hosting a free, virtual conference, that includes sessions on breast cancer, programs for patients, providers, and caregivers. For more details on this free event, and to register for the Women’s Health and Cancer Conference, go to:

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