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All classes will take place at the Hilton Burlington (Battery Street) in the conference rooms. You will receive your specific classroom upon check in with the VTBF staff at the hotel... just in front of the Adirondack Ballroom & Montpelier Rooms.  Please arrive 10 minutes early with your class ticket and/or receipt for your class.  

Scroll all the way down for class descriptions & tickets. Classes are listed in order of schedule.

January 19, 2019


$75 (Advance Purchase Only N/A Day Of)

Save when you buy in bulk. 

Pick your favorite 5 classes at a discounted price of $15 each & enjoy of full day of burlesque education.  You are responsible for choosing classes that don’t overlap.  Please remember to RSVP for your classes upon check out and schedule carefully.  

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

Start your morning off right and pick up some skills your body will thank you for. 


Pick up some skills your body will thank you for. We'll be stretching from head to toes!!!!


You will learn proper muscles stretching techniques and develop skills that will help you achieve some staple moves with burlesque performance such as back bends and splits.


This class is great for performers and everyday life.


All Skill Levels Welcome.  

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

Burlesque 101 -

Bump & Grind then Shimmy & Shake as this class teaches the basics of Burlesque dance. This teaser class uncovers the base movement textures we associate with classic Burlesque style dance in a fun and welcoming environment. Learn bumps, grinds, shimmies, and other classic moves before applying your new or refreshed skills in a choreographed dance.


This class is geared for the individual who has an interest in Burlesque movement or those seasoned performers wanting to take a refresher. 


No experience is necessary. It is recommended to bring a pair of gloves to class if you have them. Dress in clothes that allow you to move (think yoga or workout). If wearing heels, please make sure they do not prohibit movement.

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of Purchase

This class has everything required to build your solo act!


Knowing and understanding composition of a solo act is key for a successful choreo!


Learn how create choreography for your act! 

Bring a pen and paper.  All Skill Levels are Welcome


Appropriate characterization will help you better execute your solo performance!

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

For two years I've used Patreon to fund my art. I have received $7k
and reinvested in my carreer. And I do it, just by being me. Patreon
can be used as a small/large income generating stream to help make you
money in your overall Career. In this class we talk about strategies
to make the art you are already doing fund the art you will be doing,
in turn making you more money. Marketing, products, and your overall
brand will be improved. You are launching an extension of your
business, and this will help develop that plan. If you currently have
a Patreon page, I'll help you work it better. Also, the marketing tips
and tricks learned in the class can and do apply outside of just
Pencil and paper required, or a digital equivilent. No movement, wear
something that makes you happy!

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

Dancing with fans is one of the most desirable burlesque skills. 


Adding the element of striptease WITH the fans is a very specialized skill that involves switching your hand grips on the fans while removing items of clothing. 


The basics of fan dancing will be reviewed in this class and we also work on removing gloves and bras.  


Fans are available for an addition $5 fee due at the time of the class.


Fans will be provided for the class and may be purchased should you want to keep your feathers and practice at home.  If you have your own fans... Feel free to bring them along.

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

This class will discuss marketing as a performer and marketing as a producer.
This class helps you to understand options you have and why you should
be promoting your shows in all of them. Learn what works, what
doesn't, and how to plan things to help them work for you. Get real
world information to strengthen your marketing plan. You have one of
those, right? Social Media, Press Releases, Stunts and more will be
discussed. Lili VonSchtupp has 10 years of radio production & sales,
and has produced over 600 live burlesque events, including a gallery
show & the Hollywood Burlesque Festival in the last 14 years. 90
minutes: Q&A last 30 minutes.

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

Sometimes a girl has GOT to be fabulous! Whether it be on stage, in the boardroom, or at a podium, there are times when a woman’s gotta be larger than life. The Fox is offering an exciting and fun way to get in touch with a truthful inner confidence using burlesque as a framework. You will create and use pathways and methodologies that will help you forge a more sexy and confident you in an authentic and organic way – allowing you to tap into show stopping energy whenever you need it. Work with what you have and love what you work with! It’s a physical class with guided discussions and critiques in a safe, supportive environment. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

This is a class is a conversation about what makes a good burlesque emcee. With over 20 years of emceeing and hosting in cabarets, burlesque and drag shows, block parties and circuses, Foxy Tann has made a few observations. If you are an aspiring host and emcee this is what The Fox considers the bare minimum that you need to do/know to steer a successful show. From stalling and hecklers to tech f*ck ups and costume malfunctions, you will learn some basic strategies to deal with disasters large and small.  

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

2017 Burlesque Hall of Fame competitor RedBone, will teach you the basics of the sexy transition to the floor, which is something every burlesque performer needs!

Stop - teaches you to hold your space within your movement and utilize your breath to engage your next movement/step!

Drop - the basics of a transition to the floor to make your act even more dynamic with physical levels.

Roll - and gives you what to do when you are finally down there...a roll that will make anyone sizzle and give you the confidence to work it out on the floor!


Please bring: Water, towel, knee pads (highly suggested. Will have them available for sale) and dance heels

Attire: wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move and stretch in

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day of

Anyone can achieve freestyling, in fact you already do it every day! When it comes to dancing, The key is confidence in your movement and trusting that you are fabulous. We will practice relying on what you have in your movement arsenal and letting the music, people, and surrounding vibes inspire you at any given moment. We will also play with timing, space and energy to create an even more over the top, dynamic performance. This class is designed for all levels of dance experience focusing on Cabaret/Burlesque inspired movements and will consist of a warm up, movement drills & exercises, choreographic elements, freestyle period and cool down.


Be prepared with:

  • note book

  • dance heels

  • knee pads

  • water

  • optional-video camera (you may want to record your movement ideas and use them for choreography later on.)

January 19, 2019

$15 When Bundled with Take5 / $23 Advance Purchase / $30 Day Of

Come join Honey Devereaux from Lady Luck Burlesque for a fun booty popping time.
This class provides a fun workout that boosts your self-confidence, raises your feminine energy, all while getting you into GREAT SHAPE!  Easy to follow sexy choreography. Comfortable Clothing: Heels optional

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