Warming Up Vermont’s Coldest Month
January 2018
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2014 Vermont Burlesque Festival Film Festival

The Vermont Burlesque Festival in cooperation with PEEP SHOW VERMONT is showing two burlesque documentary films to be shown on January 26th at 3pm at

The Monkey House, 30 Main St., Winooski, VT 05404

Tickets are Available at the Door for $5

© BlueHair Media, Vermont Burlesque Festival

It’s All That Glitters - What is burlesque?

A Short Film By: Brian C James

Who better to ask than burlesque performers themselves? With this question in mind, I traveled over 14,000 miles across the United States visiting today’s burlesque performers, photographing them in their homes, and asking them: “What does burlesque mean to you?”

For these performers, burlesque is so many things, including fun and empowerment on stage, an escape from life’s doldrums, a fantasy, a career.

Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival

A Documentary By: Red Tremmel

Shot between 2001 and 2010, Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival is the story of a goat farm in the middle of the Mojave Desert that became ground zero of the largest burlesque revival since the 1940s. The film focuses on former striptease dancers Jennie Lee (a 1950s labor union organizer for strippers) and Dixie Evans (“The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque”) who transform a goat shed into the world’s first and only museum and retirement home devoted to burlesque—Exotic World (a.k.a. The Burlesque Hall of Fame). With little more than a social security check, Jennie and Dixie refuse to let the art of burlesque fade to memory.