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Warming Up Vermont’s Coldest Month
January 2018

Cory Royer

Executive Producer, Director

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Kyla Waldron

Stage Mngr, Performer Relations

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Ryan Royer

Graphic Design Artist

Diana Langlois

Philanthropy Coordinator

Jon van Luling

Comedian Coordinator

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Raised in Vermont and a graduate of Lyndon State College, Cory has always had a passion for organizing large entertaining events. His television news and video production career took him from Vermont to Las Vegas and eventually onto Los Angeles where he was introduced to the dazzling world of burlesque. After a year of co-producing a monthly show in Redondo Beach, CA, Cory now produces the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival and assists with the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. The Vermont Burlesque Festival remains his favorite as it takes place in his home state and loves introducing performers and participants to all those fantastic Vermonters.


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Kyla was always told she had a big bossy mouth....well some years back she figured out the best way to use it! What she lacks in height she makes up for in volume and attitude! She stage manages with the same authority and sweet bitchiness that any queen bee would! Organized chaos is her specialty and you bet your ass she will make it yours as well! She came to be apart of the wonder that is burlesque via her love of voyeurism and a debt owed to the one and only Alexa Luthor....who Kyla credits for introducing her to the amazing horror of being a theatre person!

Jon has spent his life in the pursuit of the elusive laugh. Having studied at such hallowed Chicago institutions as The Annoyance Theater, iO Chicago, and The Second City. He has performed with such improv teams as Alcatraz, Red, and Ice Cubists. Then he took the skills he learned and unleashed them on Vermont in such plays as "Death By Dessert", "Chapter Two", and "The 39 Steps and with his sketch duo Van Murat. He is also a talented writer and content generator responsible for the online presence of Green Mountain Cabaret. He is incredibly excited to help melt the snowbanks around Vermont's inhibitions with the Vermont Burlesque Festival.

Diana Langlois has enough grace and talent as a mole in the bright sunshine, She is fascinated by the world of burlesque....the feathers, the costumes...the glitter!!!!!!;)   She is currently residing in the country side of Vermont with her husband and a quite articulate 8 year old son. Her non glamourous side works at a car dealership while her energy is based in the world of soccer, cubscout leading and believing she can train to run a 5k.  “I am proud to be a part of the a team, as well as getting to work with talented people.”

Ryan is very busy with Vermont Burlesque Festival art work.  ...Besides, its really hard to see the computer screen through that visor to type a really good bio.  But it works GREAT for graphic designing.

Merrique Hysteric


Merrique Hysteric has been dancing for years. She’s studied a variety of styles at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and participated in workshops in the Burlington area, dabbling in Jazz, Cabaret, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Broadway, West African, and Salsa.  Her most recent endeavors bring Burlesque to the center stage as a dancer and co-choreographer for the Green Mountain Cabaret.  Merrique often guest performs at local events such as Peep Show Vermont . On stage she may play a fierce femme fetal, but in person she is friendly, approachable, and excited to be a part of the Vermont Burlesque Festival team!

Eric Langlois

Audio Technician

Holding a degree in Radio Communications, Eric has worked in the Vermont music industry since 1994.  To this day you can find Eric working and DJing around Vermont, including at the Vermont Burlesque Festival.  Not only his he remastering all the music for the festival before it hits your ears, Eric is responsible for all Vermont Burlesque Festival after party music and DJ services.  Some of you may better know him as DJ Irie.